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Master's and Doctoral Degrees in Theatre Studies


Applicants for the Ph.D. program in Theatre must hold the M.A. or M.F.A. in theatre or a related field. To be admitted, a student will ordinarily be expected to have a Graduate Record Examination score of at least 148 (verbal), 144 (quantitative), and 4.5 (analytical writing). Students who took the GRE before the implementation of the analytical writing section (i.e. before October 2002) will be expected to have an analytical score of 600 or above. Applicants should also have a grade-point average of at least 3.2 for undergraduate and at least 3.5 for graduate work; and a master's degree acceptable to the graduate faculty. Deficiencies in a student's background may necessitate remedial courses. These courses do not count toward the degree requirements. 
Visit Theatre Department Admission for more details about M.A. &  Ph.D. Degree Admission
For more information, contact:
Director of Graduate Studies
Department of Theatre
(2) Next, I need something of about the same length for a block called "M.A. in Theatre Studies - Overview" it needs to describe the program AND refer to "careers" one engages in with this degree. 

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