Master's Thesis

Student Title Date of Master's Thesis Exam Faculty Chair Faculty Members (in no particular order) Outside Member
Adams, John Wesley The Influence of Creative Dramatics on the Articulatory Skills of Second Grade Children 1966 Davis, Jed Byrne, Margaret Conboy, William    
Adams, Randy   1980 Kuhlke, William        
Allen, Kristin Electra and Orestes: The Myth in the Twentieth-Century Theatre 1987 Findlay, Robert        
Angotti, Vincent L. Modern French Mime: Etienne Decroux, Jean-Louis Barbault, and Marcel Marceau 1965 Brooking, Jack Conboy, William      
Armstrong, Sara Evocation of Visceral Culpability - A Reading of Spectator's Potential Responses to Juliana Francis's go go go 2004 Ybarra, Patricia Gronbeck-Tedesco, John Klein, Jeanne    
Atkins, Shannon Leslie The Emergence of the Personal in the Plays of Gertrude Stein 1995 Findlay, Robert Gronbeck-Tedesco, John Willis, Ron    
Averill, Clara J. Directing High School Actors: A Developmental Approach 1979 Wright, Jack        
Bailey, Sandra D. Portrayals of Agency, Choice, and Responsibility in Holocaust Dramatic Literature 2001 Dahl, Mary Karen Gronbeck-Tedesco, John Ringer, Delores    
Baker, Kenneth Changes in Adaption to the Musical Stage in Three of Eugene O'Neill's Plays 1963 Reardon, William Giffin, Kim      
Barrantes-Madrigal, Olga Marta The Translation and Direction of Antonio Iglesias' Pinocchio The King 1982 Tsubaki, Andrew Gronbeck-Tedesco, John Kuhlke, William Weiss, Arnold  
Battaglia, Mary Jane The "London Comedians" in Colonial America 1950          
Beene, Penny L. Directing Five Scenes from American Drama 1980 Wright, Jack Gronbeck-Tedesco, John      
Behm, Thomas Frank A Study of the Element of Style in Scene Design for Children's Theatre 1967          
Berger, Sydney L. Improvisation: Idea and Technique 1960 Crafton, Allen Conboy, William      
Birner, Mona H. A Chronological Record of Theatrical Activities in Lawrence, Kansas between 1879 and 1911 as Reported in the Lawrence Newspapers 1962 Beck, Gordon Conboy, William      
Birner, William Bruce The Design and Execution of the Stage Settings for The Most Happy Fella 1961 Godfrey, Virgil Conboy, William      
Blasingame, D. Michael An Analysis of the Rehearsal and Production Problems of a Community Theatre in Colby, Kansas 1960 Goff, Lewin Conboy, William Rea, Tom    
Blitgen, Sister Mary John Carol, BVM Voices of Protest: An Analysis of the Negro Protest Plays of the 1963-1964 Broadway and Off- Broadway Season 1966 Kuhlke, William Conboy, William      
Bogado, Victor J. Theory and Practice in Enrique Beunaventura's "Method of Collective Work" 1996 Gronbeck-Tedesco, John Ringer, Delores Kipp, Maia   Woodyard, George
Bosch, Jean Bridging the Scriptural and Generational Gap: The Jesus People Movement and Jesus Christ Superstar 2011 Bial, Henry Gronbeck-Tedesco, John Staniunas, John    
Boyd, Maureen Mothers, Martyrs, Wives and Whores: Toward a New Feminist Theory of Sean O'Casey's Gender Constructs 1993 Ajayi, Omofolabo        
Bradley, George L. William Gillette: His Philosophy and Style of Acting 1964 Goff, Lewin Conboy, William      
Braun, Jack D. Mennonite Plays and Playwrights and the Mennonite Theme in Dramatic Literature in the United States 1969 Brooking, Jack Conboy, William      
Bubna, Susan C. Life in a Jar: The Performative Efficsacy of the Embodied Historical Archive 2013 Rovit, Rebecca Gronbeck-Tedesco, John Bennett, Leslie    
Burbach, Dorothy The Lincoln Center Repertory Company: Its Origins 1967 Kuhlke, William Conboy, William      
Butcher, Robert Joe   1986 Wright, Jack        
Callahan, J. Stephen Society, Sex and Soul in the Plays of Edward Albee. Quare Me Repulisti, Bessie Smith? 1967 Meserve, Walter Conboy, William      
Carriere, Patrick C. The Wisdom of the Trickster: "Essays on Images from Tomson Highway's Dry Lips Oughta Move to Kapuskasing" 2002 Gronbeck-Tedesco, John Dahl, Mary Karen Willmott, Kevin    
Checcucci, Deolindo   1984          
Choe, Suk Hee Yangju Byol Sandae Nori: A Translation and Critical Introduction 1974 Willis, Ron Findlay, Robert      
Christopher, Ashlea   2004 Wright, Jack Christilles, Dennis Ringer, Delores    
Claus, Horst An Annotated Bibliography of the Landau Collection in the Department of Special Collections of the University of Kansas 1968 Kuhlke, William Conboy, William      
Cofield, Michael H. The Alleged Influence of Frank Rich On and Off Broadway 1992 Willis, Ron        
Combest, Jane Wendell Topping A Study of Ticket Purchasing Trends and Attendance Patterns for the 1964-1965 Experimental Season and the 1965 Summer Season at the University of Kansas 1970 Brooking, Jack Davis, Jed Rea, Tom Conboy, William  
Commons, Milton D. Stage Lighting - Illumination, Design, and Environment 1950 Crafton, Allen        
Conroy, Barbara Jean A Study of the Effect of Theatre Participation Upon the Academic Attitudes, Behavior Patterns, and Organizational Habits of Student Actors 1959 Goff, Lewin Lown, Charles Giffin, Kim Conboy, William  
Cornelison, Gayle L. The Preferences of Children for Saturated Colors and Tints Under Simulated Dramatic Conditions 1965 Davis, Jed Lown, Charles Giffin, Kim Conboy, William  
Courtney, Gene Five Experiments in the Portrayal of Intoxication on the Stage 1950 Crafton, Allen        
Craig, Tandy Elizabeth The Evocation of Compassion for Women in Five Plays by Tennessee Williams 1963 Reardon, William Conboy, William      
Crenshaw, Clayton L. A Preliminary Study of Color Association in Costume Design for Children's Theatre 1967 Davis, Jed Lown, Charles Haehl, Chez    
Cullinan, Francis John A Study of Roman Catholic Criticism in the United States of Selected Plays of Sean O'Casey 1962 Reardon, William Buehler,
E. C.
Meserve, Walter Brooking, Jack  
Dalen, Dennis L. A Survey of Five Professional Resident Theatres to Determine Attitudes and Practices in Employment as Related to College and University Training 1967 Rea, Tom P. Conboy, William      
Davidson, Nava Clark Potential Problems in the Production of the Liturgical Drama 1962 Reardon, William Goff, Lewin Brooking, Jack   Linkugel, Wilma
Davis, Jerry The Effect of Actor Area Location and Body Position on Intellegibility in the Theatre 1964 Davis, Jed Conboy, William      
Deboeck, Lynn The Hand That Rocks the Cradle: Maternal Gender Subversion in American Suffrage Drama 2011 Leon, Mechele Persley, Nicole Hodges      
DeForest, Elsie Davis The Change in Woman's Moral Status as Shown Through the Plays Since 1870 1950 Crafton, Allen        
Degen, John A. Selected Diaries of W.S. Gilbert: An Annotated Critical Edition 1971 ? Patton, Bobby      
Dillman, Eleanor Sue An Analytical Evaluation of Anouilh's Antigone and Its Indebtedness to Sophocle's Antigone 1962 Reardon, William Conboy, William      
Dirks, Arthur L. The Aesthetic Relationship and Audience Participation in the Theatre 1975 Willis, Ron Patton, Bobby      
Dodrill, Charles Ward The Philadelphia Story: Problems of Direction in an Arena Theatre Production 1956 Crafton, Allen        
Drevets, Roma G. Theatre Arts in Kansas Junior High Schools: A Survey and Recommendations 1967 Kuhlke, William Conboy, William      
Earnshaw, Laura Lee A Study of the Antagonist in a Children's Theatre Play - Winnie-the-Pooh 1963 Davis, Jed Buehler,
E. C.
Beck, Gordon    
Eddy, Edward A. A Study of Moods in the Three Pre-War Plays of William Saroyan 1966 Reardon, William Hawes, James Goff, Lewin    
Eden, Esin Fatma Orta Oyunu Traditional Popular Turkish Theatre: A Historical and Descriptive Study 1961 Crafton, Allen Goff, Lewin      
Edwards, Virdell S.A. The Relationship of Hue and Value on Negro Actors to Audience Acceptance of Specific Characterizations 1963 Reardon, William Giffin, Kim Brooking, Jack Goff, Lewin Kuhlke, William
Eikleberry, Burton The Negro Actor's Participation and the Negro Image on the New York Stage 1965 Reardon, William Davis, Jed Parson, Donald    
Elahi, K. Mushtaq Rabindranath Tagore's Sacrifice 1978          
Ellis, Donald Edward Albee: A Critical Reception Study 1967 Hawes, James Goff, Lewin Litto, Frederic Brooking, Jack  
Evans, William H.C. The Metamorphosis of Kafka's The Trial: A Study of the Novel and the Play 1963 Reardon, William Conboy, William      
Feist, Frances Wilson An Analysis of the Playing of the Same Role in an Amateur and a Professional Production 1950 Crafton, Allen        
Fletcher, Jennifer (Van Bruggen) Michael Chekhov's Application of Eurhythmy within His Acting Pedagogy 2003 Gronbeck-Tedesco, John Bennett, Leslie Staniunas, John    
Fooks, Jackie B. A Translation and Adaption of Alexander Ostrovsky's A Woman's Captivity, with Introductory Notes 1968 Kuhlke, William Conboy, William      
Franceschiello, Renee Teaching a Creative Drama Class 1979 Davis, Jed        
Frazier, Jane Riches 1979 Rea, Tom P. Davis, Jed      
Garrison, Jack B. A Critical Reception Study of Seven Verse Plays 1930-1937 1967 Meserve, Walter Hawes, James Litto, Frederic    
Gharavi, Lance E. Writing on the Margins: Immasculation and The Ellipses in Edvard Radzinsky's Conversations with Socrates 1997 Kipp, Maia        
Gibson, Richard John 'Tis A Pity She's a Whore: Three Centuries of Varying Attitudes Concerning John Ford's Tragedy 1966 Lown, Charles Conboy, William      
Girardo, Jill Marie Our Love, or Rather, My Misfortune: Love, Honor, and Social Decadence in the Theatre of Golden Age Spain 1997 Gronbeck-Tedesco, John Willis, Ronald     Krentz, Jana (Libraries)
Glaze, Ann Runge A Study of the Theatre of Vladimir Maiakovskii 1968 Kuhlke, William Conboy, William      
Godman, Katherine Challenging Conventions: Monstrous Regiment's Cabarets of the 1970s 1998 Dahl, Mary Karen        
Grossman, Steven G. Oral History with Jed H. Davis: Thoughts on Theatre, US Society, and Youth 1996 Klein, Jeanne Gronbeck-Tedesco, John     Lewin, Tom (History)
Gunn, Moses   1989 Gronbeck-Tedesco, John        
Hardy, Dorothy Joanne Exaggeration and Caricature in the Portrayal of Character Parts 1950          
Harmon, Billye Sue Romantic Illusion as Seen in Three Heroines of O'Neill 1962 Reardon, William        
Harms, Wendy A. Children's Theatre at the University of Kansas 1979-1986 1990 Pierce, Glenn        
Harris, Phil The Formulation and Direction of a Drama Activities Program in a Mental Hospital 1963          
Harvey, Harold A. An Experimental Production of Irwin Shaw's Bury the Dead 1950 Crafton, Allen        
Hawes, James W. An Analysis of the Training and Development of Mrs. Leslie Carter as an Actress 1962 Reardon, William Crafton, Allen      
Hawley, Maureen Anne The Preparation and Evaluation for the Script and Production of Faces of the American Eve 1977 Willis, Ron Kuhlke, William      
Hayes, Laurice Messing A History of the Auditorium Stock Company at the Auditorium Theatre, Kansas City, Missouri, 1913-1915 1960 Crafton, Allen        
Hayes, Pat Hensley A Critical Report of a Creative Dramatics Program with Chronic Schizophrenics 1968 Davis, Jed Lown, Charles Haehl, Chez    
Haynes, Carolyn   1980 Tsubaki, Andrew        
Hazelton, John V. The Attitude Toward Speech and Theatre in the Junior Colleges of Oklahoma 1965          
Heilman, Leigh Douglas Cambell and His Direction of Plays at the Tyrone Guthrie Theatre 1963-1965 1966 Goff, Lewin Conboy, William      
Heisecke, Aurora The Gaucho Character in the Argentine Drama 1964 Reardon, William        
Herdiasti, Agnes D. Representation of Marriage in Selected Harold Pinter Plays 2007 Bial, Henry Gronbeck-Tedesco, John     Fischer, Iris Smith (English)
Heshiki, Shoto Okinawa: Presented in Paraji and Jinruikan 1983 Wright, Jack Davis, Jed     Yamemoto, Fumiko
Hess, Jane A. Child Audience Attitudes Toward Two Interpretations of Long John Silver 1967          
Hewitt, Janice C. The Development of the International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People with Particular Emphasis on the United States' Participation 1969 Davis, Jed        
Hirsch, Virginia A. The Role of Children in Dramatic Activities in the Middle Ages 1969 Davis, Jed Conboy, William      
Hofgren, Alice The Perfect Wife and the Evil Temptress: The Dichotomy of Penelope and Helen of Troy 2015 Rovit, Rebecca Christilles, Dennis Barnette, Jane    
Holley, Margaret F. McMann, Children's Theatre at the University of Kansas 1954-1978 1981 Davis, Jed        
Holroyd-Doveton, Mary Production Record of the Lawrence Community Theatre Presentation of Vanities 1978          
Howland, Kathleen Virginia Jones An Inquiry into the Plays of John Millington Synge 1950 Crafton, Allen        
Husted, Karen K. Kinkaid Tucson Children's Theatre: Mary MacMurtrie 1973 Davis, Jed Price, Glenn      
Ihnen, Alan   1981          
Jennison, Mark A. Alone With the Devil: A Critical Analysis of Aleksandr Vampilov's Duck Hunting 1990 Kuhlke, William Gronbeck-Tedesco, John      
Jones, Valerie Sue Hair: A Directing Project 1983 Willis, Ron Gronbeck-Tedesco, John      
Kaiser, Nancy J. Creative Drama: A Program for Children Ages Five Through Twelve 1981 Davis, Jed Gronbeck-Tedesco, John Haehl, Chez    
Kazmayer, Robert Lynn An Area Study of Church Sponsored Drama 1965 Davis, Jed Goff, Lewin Reardon, William    
Keating, Kevin   1980 Kuhlke, William        
Keller, Kathleen A Curriculum and Production Program for a Secondary School 1980 Davis, Jed        
Kepley, Susanne Machinal: Silence, Stage Directions and Sophie Treadwell 2008 Bial, Henry Leon, Mechele     Fischer, Iris Smith (English)
Kilmer, Paulette Theatre and Self-Esteem in Teenagers 1980 Davis, Jed        
Kiralyfalvi, Bela A Study of One Aspect of Contemporary Hungarian Theatre as Revealed Through Four Popular Hungarian Dramas of Contemporary Life 1965 Brooking, Jack Conboy, William      
Kottwinkel, James L. The Influence of Rainer Maria Rilke on the Works of Tennessee Williams 1968 Brooking, Jack        
Krause, Joseph Matthew The Search for Authority: Religious Revival in the American Theatre, 1961-1972 1978 Tsubaki, Andrew Wright, Jack Davis, Jed    
Kuhlke, William L. They Too Sing America: The New Negro as Portrayed by Negro Playwrights 1918-1930 1959          
La Ban, Frank K. A History of Theatre Activities at the University of Kansas 1959 Crafton, Allen        
Lacomba, JosŽ M. Audience Opinion and Reaction to the Theatre Based on the Drama Festivals Sponsored by the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture, 1958-1963 1965 Reardon, William Conboy, William      
Lane, Brigitte D. Theatre for the Unborn: A Dramatic Analysis of the Plays of Wole Soyinka, 1957-1974 1974 Kuhlke, William Patton, Bobby      
Lashbrook, William B. An Exploratory Study of the Group Action Approach to Competitive Discussion 1959          
Leach, Gigi McGuire Slawomir Mrozek's The Second Course: A Historical Introduction and Translation 1972 Willis, Ron Tsubaki, Andrew      
Leffler-McCabe, Laura Space, The Theatrical Frontier: Seeking Out New Spatial Life for Rehearsals and Performance 2006 Klein, Jeanne Wright, Jack Leon, Mechele    
Levitt, Judith M. Adapting Sensitivity Training Techniques to Actor Training 1970 Brooking, Jack        
Lock, Martha Sandven Omaha Magic Theatre's Kegger: Examination of a Youth Intervention Drama 1997 Wright, Jack Klein, Jeanne Ringer, Delores    
Loganbill, G. Bruce Menottian Opera: A Synthesis of Drama and Music 1958 Goff, Lewin Crafton, Allen Anderson, Margaret    
Lynch, Maureen C. Is There A Doctor in the House? Rx: Topeka Civic Theatre 1971 Rea, Tom P. Patton, Bobby      
Martin, Mariann F. Idealism and Paradoxes: An Evaluative Description of the Living Stage Theatre Company's Work with At-risk Adolescents 1998 Meier, Paul        
Mather, Patricia Ann The Theatrical History of Wichita, Kansas 1872-1920 1950 Crafton, Allen        
McDonald, Linda L. Edward Kynaston: Restoration Actor 1967 Brooking, Jack        
McDonnell, Alice The first MA Degree.
The Production of Night Must Fall
1947 Crafton, Allen        
McDonough, Patrick D. The One Act Play Festival in Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, and Nebraska: A Descriptive Study 1969 Rea, Tom        
McNeive, Kay M. Wole Soyinka, Nigerian Dramatist 1967 Kuhlke, William        
Meagher, Maryla K. The Visionary Theatre of Antonin Artaud as Exemplified by the Theatre of Eugene Ionesco 1972 Kuhlke, William Patton, Bobby      
Mehl, Pamela G. A.A. Milne: Children's Theater Dramatist 1971 Davis, Jed Lown, Charles Willis, Ron    
Meigs, Michael A. Three Theatrical Imitations of Don Quixote De La Mancha: With a List of Don Quixote Plays, 1607-1971 1971 Woodyard, George Tsubaki, Andrew Angress, Ruth Masinton, Charles  
Melody, Patricia L. Children's Interest in Story Content for Children's Theatre 1967 Davis, Jed Kuhlke, William Haehl, Chez    
Merrill, Robert Henry High School Stages and Auditoriums in the State of Missouri: An Investigation of Their Extent, Nature, Uses, and Suitability 1956 Crafton, Allen Giffin, Kim      
Mook, John E. The Effect of Actor Area Location, Body Position, and Sex on Speech Intelligibility in the Theatre 1965 Kuhlke, William Davis, Jed Giffin, Kim    
Morgan, David M. A Theatre Project in an Urban Negro Community 1969 Long, Thomas R. Conboy, William      
Nash, Michael M. Charles Dullin and the Theatre De L'Atelier: Toward a Modern Theatrical Synthesis 1972 Findlay, Robert Patton, Bobby      
Nesbitt, William R. The Downfall of Four Men 1979 Keeler, William Wright, Jack Kuhlke, William Rea, Tom Shaw, Michael
Noethe, Alice F.   1992 Unruh, Del        
Novak, Diana Wray The Fantasticks: A Directing and Design Project 1981 Gronbeck-Tedesco, John        
O'Connell, Edward D. E Pluribus Unum and the American Musical 1994 Willis, Ron Wright, Jack Kuhlke, William    
O'Connell, Wilson E. Studies Toward The Origins of Theatrical Censorship in the United States (Volumes I & II) 1953 Giffin, Kim Crafton, Allen      
Opelt, James Richard Organizing and Managing the High School Theatre Program 1988 Gronbeck-Tedesco, John        
Park, Danon Toward a Liturgical Theatrical Aesthetic 2004 Gronbeck-Tedesco, John Leon, Mechele Ybarra, Patricia    
Parker, Harry Brooks Projects: Portraying Demetrius in A Midsummer Night's Dream and Directing Phillip Barry's Holiday 1982 Gronbeck-Tedesco, John Willis, Ron      
Pedretti, Michael A. A Study of the Development and Growth of the Milwaukee Repertory Theater 1969 Hawes, James Rea, Tom Davis, Jed    
Pettigrew, Beate G. Portraying Paulina in The Seagull 1983 Gronbeck-Tedesco, John        
Pierce, Glenn Q., Jr. Producing a Pageant: The Medicine Lodge Indian Peace Treaty Pageant - 1957 1958 Conboy, William        
Pierce, Marjorie B. A Syllabus for a Course in Styles of Acting 1958          
Price, Menna Lee Strasberg and The Group Theater: The Development of the Method 1990 Kuhlke, William        
Przetak, Regina Women's Maddness in Three Plays by Sarah Daniels 2004 Klein, Jeanne Leon, Mechele     Fischer, Iris Smith (English)
Pyles, Karen L. The Effects of Three Directing Techniques on Formal Dance Training 1962 Reardon, William        
Quaid, Lois Jane The Design and Execution of the Costumes for Henry IV, Part I 1958 Godfrey, Virgil Camburn, Herbert      
Quiros, Oscar E. Two Years Ago in August and Uvieta by Alberto F. Canas, Translation and Introduction 1985 Gronbeck-Tedesco, John        
Rast, Jacob P., Jr. Theory and Practice in a Production of Brecht's Caucasian Chalk Circle 1961 Godfrey, Virgil        
Rea, Tom Pratt An Analysis of Direction Problems in a Production of The Lady's Not For Burning 1952 Crafton, Allen        
Reed, Kathryn Jane Project: Children's Carnival, A Play for Children From the Stories and Poems of A.A. Milne 1970 Litto, Fredric        
Rees, Richard J. Project: Punch and Judy: An Approach to Choreography and Development of a Design: A Doll's House 1974 Davis, Jed        
Renfro, Cathy The Elephant Man by Bernard Pomerance: Perceptual and Structural Analysis 1991 Wright, Jack        
Rhea, Martha Hershey A Comparison of Children's and Adults' Attitudes Toward an Imperfect Protagonist in a Children's Play 1970          
Ross, Alec Establishing a Theatre Arts Library 1955 Crafton, Allen        
Rossi, Alfred A. A Case Study of an Experiment in Community Theatre in Western Kansas: "Project - Colby" 1960          
Roth, Emalou The Family Structure of Edward Albee's Plays 1969          
Royer, Bonnie Jean No Exit and The Happy Journey as Problems in Play Direction 1954 Crafton, Allen        
Ruiz-Garcia, Manuel History of Teatro Surco, A Theatre in Exile 1998 Dahl, Mary Karen Findlay, Robert Gronbeck-Tedesco, John    
Sandi-Diaz, Gina Latin American Theater for Social Change: The Case of Augusto Boal and Enrique Buenaventura 2007 Bial, Henry Leon, Mechele     Day, Stuart
(Spanish & Portuguese)
Scharine, Marilyn I. Pirandello's Ideas on Living as Seen in Five Plays 1964 Reardon, William Conboy, William Kuhlke, William Byrne, Margaret  
Scharine, Richard G. Locating Actors and Showmen in the United States from 1850 to 1960: A Numerical and Geographical Study 1964 Reardon, William Conboy, William      
Schmidt, Charles A. The Effect of Area Location and Body Position on Speech Intelligibility in the Theatre 1964 Harms Conboy, William      
Schneider, Leonard Baroque Anxiety: A Key to the Staging of Baroque Operas for Contemporary Audiences 1967 Lown, Charles        
Schwartz, Perry The Effect of Background Music on an Audience 1965 Kuhlke, William Rea, Tom Davis, Jed    
Scott, Nan C. Five Little-Known Operas of Gilbert and Sullivan 1965 Reardon, William        
Scoville, Sharon L. The Rogue as a Children's Theatre Protagonist 1966 Davis, Jed Hawes, James Giffin, Kim    
Sedriks, Andre The Prodigal Son - A Tragedy in Five Acts by Rudolfs Blaumanis (Translated and adapted by Sedriks) 1973 Kuhlke, William Patton, Bobby      
Shackelford, Maralyn Louise A Study of the Effect of Participation in Theatre Productions Upon the Academic Progress of Two Casts 1959 Brooking, Jack Giffin, Kim Goff, Lewin    
Shay, Thomas M. The University of Kansas Laboratory Theatre 1951 Crafton, Allen        
Shea, Megan Leonard The Object in Theatre 2002 Dahl, Mary Karen Gronbeck-Tedesco, John     Fischer, Iris Smith (English)
Sherwood, J. Morgan An Interpretation of Aristotle's Theory of Reversal and Recognition Applied to Dramatic Literature 1956 Crafton, Allen Giffin, Kim Conboy, William    
Shun-Liao, Hsieh The Chinese Influence of Western Theatre: From Transposition to Transformation 1984 Tsubaki, Andrew Findlay, Robert Bjorge, Gary    
Six, Sally N. Adaptation of the Chinese Drama to the American Children's Theatre 1956 Crafton, Allen        
Smith, Delbert E. A Study of the Ghost Figure in Modern American Drama 1964 Reardon, William        
Soller, Larry S. The Second and Third Years of Operation of the Tyrone Guthrie Theatre 1966 Goff, Lewin        
Soller, Sara Thornhill The Attenuation of Evil Characters and Plot Elements in Children's Theatre Scripts Adapted from Five Fairy Tales 1967 Davis, Jed        
Sparling, Ivan H., Jr. The 2nd MA in the Department.
The Production of Thy Kingdom Come, an Original Play
1947 Crafton, Allen        
Spellman, Elizabeth Out of the Cradle Endlessly Rocking, A Vocal Workshop and Collage 1972 Rea, Tom        
Spicer, Kathleen A. Making it with the Master: An Introduction to Shakespeare 1974          
Stathas, Marcia A Study of Creative Dramatics with Learning Disabilities Children 1977 Davis, Jed        
Stiles, Kimberlee Jo   1989 Pierce, Glenn Kerry, Lucyann      
Stockwell, Nancy A National Theatre: The Emergence of the Modern Mexican Theatre Through the Efforts of Rodolfo Usigli and Emilio Carballido 1966 Brooking, Jack        
Strack, Robert H. The Problems Entailed in the Establishment and Operation of the First Tent Theatre in Kansas 1964 Reardon, William        
Swain, John International Theatre Program 1986 Tsubaki, Andrew        
Tiehen, Jeanne Frankenstien on Stage: Galvanizing the Myth and Evolving the Creature 2012 Rovit, Rebecca Staniunas, John     >Rovit, Rebecca
Tinker, Heather The Federal Theatre Project in Kansas City, Missouri, 1936 2012 Klein, Jeanne Leon, Mechele Rovit, Rebecca    
Traynor, Karen L. A History of the Repertory Theatre at the Loretto-Hilton Center at Webster College in St. Louis 1971 Brooking, Jack Willis, Ron Rea, Tom Davis, Jed  
Vader, Barbara A. A Study of the International Theatre Institute Committee on Professional Theatre Training 1961-1964 1966 Goff, Lewin Rea, Tom Parson, Donald    
Vaux, Joan The Beautiful People by William Saroyan: A Thesis Directing Project 1992 Wright, Jack Gronbeck-Tedesco, John Ringer, Delores    
Wei-jen, Chi The Chinese Opera: Contemporary Western and Chinese Perspectives 1982 Tsubaki, Andrew Gronbeck-Tedesco, John     Kuo
Wheeler, Catherine A Study of the Kansas Community Theatre Plan 1966          
Wight, Darlene Van Biber A Survey of Little Theater Activities in Kansas City, Missouri 1952 Crafton, Allen Giffin, Kim      
Wise, Michael D. The Tragic Theatre of Albert Camus 1976 Kuhlke, William Patton, Bobby      
Woods, Jim A Study of the Turnabout Theatre Revue and its Principal Cast Members 1968 Rea, Tom Conboy, William      
Wright, Jack B. Ten Years of Success With David Merrick 1967 Rea, Tom Kuhlke, William Lown, Charles Goff, Lewin  
Wright, Virginia A. Comparison of Imitative and Spontaneous Speech Samples in the Evaluation of Articulation Change with Therapy 1969 Shelton, Ralph L.        
Ziegler, Janna L. To Eat or Not to Eat: Food and Its Function in Contemporary Drama 1999 Dahl, Mary Karen Wright, Jack Willis, Ron    

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